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Healing Arts & Readings:

General prices before 5% gst (tax): 30mins for 70$, 45mins for 100$, 60mins for 120$, 75mins for 140$, & 90mins for 160$

Discover powerful methods to support you. Receive answers and guidance!

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A beautiful, grey, outlined, flower like mandala that adorns much of Courtney's website and has been a part of her branding since the beginning.

Find Your

Inner Peace

Discover powerful methods to support you; receive answers and guidance!

Prices: 30mins for 70$,
45mins for 100$, 60mins for 120$,
75mins for 140$, & 90mins for 160$

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This Is A Path To Self

“The work offered here is to support you in growing and connecting to yourself.”

What I Offer!

Healing Arts & Readings

A graphic of a human body with the seven chakras illustrated in their traditional, drawn imagery and associated colours.

What I Offer!

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Black and White drawing of a floral shape that looks like a crown chakra.

What My Clients Say

“Courtney is a talented healer and reader. I have been to energy medicine sessions with her and found them to be very beneficial for stress reduction and getting clear on life’s direction. I have also benefited from her herbalist skills as she has recommended herbal support that has improved my health. Over the last year or so, I have been using her lovely skin products and essences and found these to be pure and energetically balancing. I can highly recommend Courtney’s practice and products.”

Angela Prider

“We had a wonderful time on the Princess Cruise last Friday night for our dry grad event. There have been many comments on your amazing readings. On behalf of the Kitsilano Grade 12 students and their parents, THANK YOU for your energy, talents and professionalism.”

“Hi Courtney, thanks for the amazing (crystal healing) session! I feel healed and happy after working with you.”

“I had a great experience working with Courtney. She made me feel comfortable and explained how the process worked before hand. I was amazed at how she touched on subjects that only I knew about, while still respecting my boundaries and privacy. Through channeling, she answered questions I needed to ask but hadn’t said aloud yet. She has an amazing intuition and gentle soul.”

“Truly great experience at just the right moment in my life. Thank you!”
“Courtney has a strong sense of intuition, very understanding and kind. Honest and clear. She has been a light to help guide me. Seeing Courtney is an enchanting experience.”
“Very accurate reader.”
“Courtney is very intuitive and easy to talk too, she is able to help show the big picture as well as ways to interpret the potentials and find a way forward.”
“You’re psychic! Reading was right on. Thanks for checking in on me and for, as always, a great and insightful reading. You are gifted and we all need you – now more than ever.”

“Courtney was great at explaining her reading to me and giving me the tools and suggestions I need to further explore my life journey! She is knowledgeable and I recommend you give her a try!”

“Wonderful reading. Some of the information you shared was unexpected but true. Both of us enjoyed your intuitive gift. It gave us much to ponder and explore.”

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“Very lovely reading and kindness. Take care and see you again.”

“I feel very validated following our session. I appreciate what was revealed in our session and I’m curious to see how it resonates and moves through me. <3”

“Thank you for your intuitive, insightful advice and reading.”

“Thank you for your session, I’m still feeling good vibes from it and thankful for your talents. So happy to have met you and have you be part of my journey :)  You do amazing work with people and I’m always impressed with what you’ve got to offer.”

Thank again Courtney! I have to tell you one more time that your reading was amazing. Amazing! In the beginning I didn’t say one word and absolutely everything that came up was absolutely, as always, right on, In fact the more time passes and the days go on it makes more and more sense and I get more and more out of it. Which is why it’s great to record it. I’m sure it’s going to make even more sense in the next few weeks and it’s so weird and fascinating that you kept highlighting certain things that didn’t make to much sense, that I didn’t understand why at that time but, now it makes complete sense. So, as always, thank you very much. You’re highly gifted, you’re so incredibly gifted!

Elza, Counsellor

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