What I Offer

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Channeling & Tarot Readings

Channeling is when I communicate with your guides and loved ones. Tarot cards come with their own known history and worldly energies. I merge the gift of channeling and the tools of the tarot deck to give you the best possible reading.

The longer the reading, the more time we have to delve into your life and situation(s). You get to ask questions about yourself, your life, and receive information you may not have ever expected! These readings can really help you make choices.

30mins for $70

45mins for $100

60mins for $120

75mins for $140

90mins for $160

More questions? Go to my blog about Channeling and Tarot Readings!

Spiritual Healings

Spiritual Healings are Soul/Spirit Healings. These healings include shifting & clearing energy centres and channels. Working with your Guides to break patterns and evolve on a Soul level; connecting to the Akashic Records, the Elements and the Stars. The deep focus is on bringing you the closest to wholeness as possible at any given time.
I offer multiple types of Spiritual Healing options. You can receive spiritual healings, you can experience spiritual healing for yourself meeting your guides and you can be supported in learning about yourself & your own unique gifts within spiritual healing with my 1 on 1 mentorship program.
Please book yourself a free initial consultation for Spiritual Healings with me online to discuss the best option for you!
1) Spiritual Healing with Crystals & Journey Work

These are excellent sessions to book when you feel stuck and cannot seem to move forward in life and/or you are seeing the same patterns repeat themselves in your life. This is also the session to book if you are calling in your heart’s desire. Crystal Healing & Journey Work sessions are tailored specifically to you, your needs and your unique situation.

This works begins in advance of us meeting. Once a session is booked, I will send you an intake form and, with your permission, do a journey on your behalf.

These 1.5-2hour long sessions are $160. This includes an initial phone consultation, a pre-journey I do for you, the actual session, and support via text or phone afterwards. Follow-up appointments designed just for this are also available.

2) Supported Spiritual Healing: “Meet Your Guides”

This is perfect for people who are ready to take a next step in seeing, hearing, knowing and/or feeling their guides around them and with them.

Finding out more about your guides and developing a relationship with them helps you to learn more about who you are, what your path is and where you are meant to be going.

These 1 hour sessions are $120 and include text and phone support afterwards. Follow-up appointments designed just for this are also available.

3) Soul Prep for Baby Spiritual Healing

Soul Prep for Baby Spiritual Healing is an opportunity to clear away energetic cords or lingering hesitations around conception and parenthood while also allowing you to invite Baby to you in a sacred manner.

This work involves shifting & clearing energy centres and channels. Working with your Guides to clear the path to you while creating a sacred environment in which to heal from the past and invite in the future.

The deep focus is on bringing you the closest to your soul family as possible.

4) 1 on 1 Spiritual Healing & Animism Mentorship

This is an opportunity for you to learn about who you are and the gifts you already carry with you!

The Spiritual Healing and Animism Mentorship program is uniquely designed for you and begins with us exploring what it is you need. It is offered in an 8 session block. Sessions are 2 hours each and are spaced out based on your individual needs and progress.

The mentorship program costs $1000. Payment plans are available, please connect with me to see what’s possible.

Book an initial consultation with me to discover and discuss what is ideal for you!


Mediumship is when I connect with someone in your life who has passed. This is a fantastic tool for closure, connection and emotional healing between you and someone you love. This is also helpful if someone is in a coma or has been unconscious for some time.

Having someone in mind to speak to will give you the most satisfying and fluid experience, but it is important to note that we cannot always choose who will arrive to communicate with the living. A person may not always come forward when asked, but I promise I will do my best to help you.

30mins for $70

45mins for $100

60mins for $120

75mins for $140

For more information on the nature of mediumship, please go to my Mediumship blog.

Couples Readings & Parties

Couples Readings

Channeling & Tarot Readings for people in romantic relationships or business partnerships.

These readings are great for couples & partners to get a sense of direction together and to see what might be helping and/or hindering them moving forward in their relationship. This can often include information about environment, family, career, mutual growth and can support in making ideal, mutual decisions.

45mins for $100

60mins for $120

75mins for $140

90mins for $160


Multiple and consecutive Channeling & Tarot Readings for you and your guests at your location of choice, online or onsite. I can tailor the length of the readings to the number of guests you have so that everyone can have an opportunity to enjoy a reading.

In person party bookings are $160.00 per hour with a minimum of two hours. There is a small fee for travel time outside of the City of Vancouver.

All inquiries are welcome. I am happy to work with you and your unique situation.

For more information on the nature of the readings being offered,
please go to my Channeling & Tarot Readings blog.

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“Courtney is a talented healer and reader. I have been to energy medicine sessions with her and found them to be very beneficial for stress reduction and getting clear on life’s direction. I have also benefitted from her herbalist skills as she has recommended herbal support that has improved my health. Over the last year or so, I have been using her lovely Vivid Holistics skin products and essences and found these to be pure and energetically balancing. I can highly recommend Courtney’s practice and products.”

Angela Prider
“I had a great experience working with Courtney. She made me feel comfortable and explained how the process worked before hand. I was amazed at how she touched on subjects that only I knew about, while still respecting my boundaries and privacy. Through channeling, she answered questions I needed to ask but hadn’t said aloud yet. She has an amazing intuition and a gentle soul.”
“We had a wonderful time on the Princess Cruise last Friday night for our Dry Grad Event. There have been many comments on your amazing readings.
On behalf of the Kitsilano Grade 12 students and their parents, THANK YOU for your energy, talents and professionalism.”
“That was immensely helpful to read, thanks! I am going to go with the flow and see what happens.”
“Courtney is very intuitive and easy to talk too, she is able to help show the big picture as well as ways to interpret the potentials and find a way forward.”
“Very accurate reader.”
“Courtney is a very kind lady and she was able to help me.”
“Thank you for your reading yesterday”
“Great visit!!!”
“Thanks Courtney! We really enjoyed talking to you today.”
“thanks again for your guidance”
“Truly great experience at just the right moment in my life. Thank you!”

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