The intuitive art of mediumship is a controversial and powerful tool for closure and peace after someone has passed on or died. It is when a living person helps another living person communicate with a person or animal who has died.

A way to describe people and animals that have passed on is to call them ‘departed’.

The capacity for the living to communicate with the departed is immense and highly possible. Opening one’s mind to the possibility of communication with those that have passed on is a wonderful gift. Being able to connect, communicate, feel your loved ones surrounding you, and get closure can be incredibly relieving and healing. Mediumship allows for these things to occur. I feel blessed with this gift.

Mediumship is quite a special, specific, and serious endeavor. Mediumship has the capacity to bring miracles and miraculous moments into people’s lives! If you are merely curious and/or looking for open-ended guidance this can happen easily and fluidly through my channeled tarot readings.

The departed often show up for you when you ask them too, so it is important for you to have a reason to ask for their presence. Imagine that you are being asked to come to some sort of density for a loved one to receive a special moment of support, closure or understanding with you, you pull yourself together in spirit form and then the person who’s asked you to visit has nothing specific to say, discuss or resolve with you? It’s an effort to be respected and appreciated.

How do the departed respond?

In my experience, sometimes your departed are around you without you even needing to ask; oftentimes they do need to be invited or called to and asked to come forward for communication. This can result in a few different responses:

  • Sometimes the departed are delighted to show up and connect with the person who is asking them to come forward; they have much to share and communicate with you.
  • Sometimes the departed don’t want to visit but, they acknowledge the request.
  • Sometimes the departed have evolved beyond the space of being able to reconstitute to communicate with their loved ones.
  • Sometimes the departed come forward because they love you and have nothing themselves to say but, they will respond to you and your questions and communications.
  • Sometimes the departed come forward but, are reticent to participate.
  • Sometimes the departed are still holding their own worries and feelings from the lifetime they shared with you, and they need reassurance and help from you.

There is no guaranteed outcome but there typically is some outcome.

Whether the departed immediately arrive or they need to be specifically invited in is something that is determined in the moment. It’s an intuitive process, mediumship. Even when there has been a lot of love and benevolence between a person and their departed while living, there is no guarantee a departed will show up. It seems there is freewill on either side of the veil.

Do not be discouraged, oftentimes there is a member of your lineage willing to represent your loved ones and support you if the person you are asking to come forward does not reveal themselves. Encountering Ancestors, people who are out of this time and place who you may not have known or be familiar with but, who recognize you as a member of their family line is a common occurrence also.

If you decide you’d like to have a mediumship session, do consider what you’d like to know. Go prepared to your session knowing with whom you are hoping to speak to and have some questions or conversation topics thought of that you would like to engage in with your loved ones.

Before going to a mediumship session these are a few questions to ask yourself and take note of:
  • Who am I looking to speak with and why?
  • Am I simply curious?
  • Do I have a reason to speak with someone?
  • Why am I summoning them forward and what conversation would I like to engage in if they come forward?
  • Am I looking for closure? Am I looking for connection? Am I looking for guidance? If yes, how can that be supported?
  • What topics do I need to discuss and with whom?
  • What do I want to say to my departed?
  • What questions do I have for my departed?

I would suggest you make a list of the people you would like to talk to, prioritize your needs and have things to ask or talk about with them.

As a medium I can help you to systematically invite your departed to visit and create an opportunity for you to converse with them. It’s okay if there’s only one person you are looking to share with. Mediumship can be wonderful for receiving support, messages, and closure. I have also seen this type of intuitive art be effective in communicating with someone in a coma or on life support.

Mediumship is a serious endeavour to be approached with reverence that can offer closure, clarity, comfort and heart ease. It takes courage and I applaud anyone who has taken the steps to talk to their departed. I encourage anyone who knows they could deeply benefit from mediumship to explore readers and find the right person for you. I welcome you to book with me if I feel safe and resonant to you. 

For more technical information on how mediumship works, the New World Encyclopedia is a good resource.

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