Courtney Carnrite with tarot cards

What is a combined Channeling and Tarot Reading? They are powerful!

Channeling is when I communicate with your guides and loved ones. Tarot cards come with their own long known history. Tarot cards have familiar, archetypal and worldly energies. I merge the gift of channeling and the tools of the tarot deck to give you the best reading I possibly can.

During a reading, I channel to have our Helping Spirits & Helping Guides & Helping Ancestors connect. I want them to connect so that you receive information, insights, direction, clarities and intuitions for your greatest good from your Highest Self and your Helping Spirits & Helping Guides & Helping Ancestors. The tarot cards offer details and direction for the reading. Combining channeling and tarot make for an incredibly intuitive reading for you.

There’s a lot of added intuitive energy in a combined reading!

The longer the reading, the more time we have to delve into your life and situation(s). You get to ask questions about yourself and your life. You can receive information you may not have ever expected! These readings can really help you see the outcomes of various choices, understand current situations and give guidance as to how to move forward in order to achieve your dreams. Dreams of your heart, body and/or Soul.

Read this Jill Leigh article for more information on channeling titled “Conscious Channeling“. She’s the first person to teach me how to contain and manage this gift. This was key in creating safe space for me so I wasn’t a magnet for information regarding people that hadn’t asked for my assistance!

haindl tarot cards spread on a table

Haindl Tarot Deck, my first tarot deck circa 2005 in NYC – New York City, NY