This looks like a birthing tree to me.

goddess, wisdom, trees, forest, Pacific Northwest, fire, rebirth

When I describe a birthing tree it is not in the sense of a new shoot of life but, more in that deep, initiatory sense – like the Death card in the Tarot or when Scorpio transforms into the Phoenix and rises from the ashes within astrological theology.

Winter is a time when we naturally go within, we go towards our own darkness, towards solitude, towards sleep and towards contemplation. Within this can yield deep insights about oneself, one’s life and the world around.

With that depth of awareness we can begin again. Making choices and behaving in manners that are different from beforehand. In essence a rebirth – a rebirth can be so many possibilities. It can include a change of self, of behaviour, of ideas, of ideologies and of direction.

Do not fear these moments. They are challenging to be sure but, walking your own walk will ultimately lead you on your own path.

Your personal journey on this plane of existence will be more fulfilled for being willing to accept the hypocrisy you may display, the deep trust you may have to employ and the willingness to shift and change and forge the life you are meant to have.

I personally experience incredible challenges inside of these times. In listening to my deepest heart, my deepest awarenesses, my deepest intuitions I can often set myself on a path of deep unknown and deep trust. Trust in myself, my knowing and my intuitive guides and the Universe or Creator or God.

I encourage you to step into your shadow and your light. Allow yourself to change, to grow, and to become whomever you are meant to be. Rise from the darkness and burn brightly!

With Love, Courtney