Creating Sacred Space – Redfin Blog

I was invited some time ago to contribute in a blog for Redfin, Real Estate Agency . I thought this was pretty cool! They were looking for and asking readers around the USA and Canada what they do to set up the perfect space for reading tarot from home. I was included in their blog with about 30 other readers who offered their favourite tips and tidbits on how to create a space to read tarot from at home.

I took the approach of how I set up sacred space to do any of my sessions, online at home or in person, to prep a space for a client's arrival. For me a key factor is "creating sacred space." It's very important to me that any of the esoteric work I do be held in safe and sacred space, whether it be for me or for others.

A key ingredient for this, that I have learned through my years of Shamanic studies and Animism practices is to create sacred space by calling in the directions. What do I mean by this? I mean to identify North, East, South and West in the space I am in and ask those elemental realities to hold space for me, the messengers (Guides & Ancestors) and the client in being protected and supported throughout whatever endeavour we have committed too - a tarot, channeling, mediumship reading or a crystal healing & supported journey work session.

Here is what I included in the Redfin blog:

Redfin Blog post including Courtney Carnrite

It was really exciting to be included in a blog with such an interesting topic! One that is particularly close to my heart and that I have been relying on more and more with the pivoting that occurred after Covid19 swept the Earth and I found myself doing so many more readings & sessions from home and online.

Thank you Redfin & Emily for welcoming me to contribute and participate in your "How To Set Up The Perfect Tarot Reading Space at Home" blog with so many other talented readers from far and wide!